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    What is blogging and how to make money from it?

    What is blogging and how to make money from it?

    A blog is an online journal or diary written by a person in his own style on a variety of subjects or topics. Either, it may be a separate website or a part of a large website. Whosoever writes a blog is called a blogger. The bloggers use pictures, audios or video clips to express their views in their posts in a more illustrative & interactive way. The art and process of producing blogs is called as blogging. Blogging creates social connections and have gained much importance in digital marketing.

    Undoubtedly blogs are important to keep your audience satisfied and engaged. It is a great source of information that help in building a relationship with the readers who seek information on a particular topic. Blogging is one of the tested ways of digital marketing strategies. Google likes long posts giving them top positions in search engine rankings and as such sends specific traffic to such content.

    What is blogging and how to make money from it?

    Blog content may generate revenue for you in a multiple number of ways. Bloggers are earning thousands of dollar’s online from their blog posts. Companies are using blogging as a part of their marketing strategies to bring in customers and generate sales. They are looking for good bloggers to promote their business through their killing content. Thus, blogging has become a great way of earning money online.

    What is blogging and how to make money from it? You will find a lot of information on this, but I have endeavored to explain it in easy to follow language so that you understand better.

    1. Monetize your blog with ads

    You can monetize your blog with ads using networks like Google Adsense. Google places a piece of code on your blog and ads start appearing on it. The type of the ad is determined by the type of content. When a blog reader or visitor clicks an ad, Google charges a certain amount from the advertiser and shares a part of it with the blog owner. In this way, bloggers earn from the content they created and published. The new bloggers prefer Google adsense to earn a recurring income from their consistent & skillful writing efforts. These ads do not disturb the blog readers as the blog content is original, fresh, unique and of high quality.

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is the marketing where you help a company in selling its brand or services. In turn company pays you a commission. After doing proper keyword research, a blogger creates a post on a particular niche recommending products or services of a reputed company. The post throws light on all the aspects including benefits of the product, services or brand as well as highlights the reasons why one should purchase it. The whole game is that the blogger tactfully and professionally inserts affiliate links in his content while writing the post. The company gives the blogger a specific percentage per sale, which creates a passive income for him, whenever anyone buys via such links.

    3. Sponsored Reviews

    You can write a review of a product or a brand and publish it on your blog. Thus, you spread a message over the internet for which you get paid. This is called sponsored reviews.

    4. Online Tuition

    You can also start teaching students online by creating various paid e-courses. These courses could be in  shape of videos that benefit them, for which you ask a certain fee. This is a great way of earning from your blog, if it gets a good traffic.

    5. Other Paid Services

    If you are a web designer or having proficiency in any other area of digital marketing strategy, you can offer services to people by listing all what you are expert at. Make sure you put a link, of page describing the services you offer, on blog home page so that users can easily reach you in this behalf. Set up a system to receive the payments online as well.

    6. Direct Advertising

    If your blog is engaging and content search engine optimized drawing specific traffic of your niche, you can approach companies to place their ads directly on your blog, as paid service. This is another way of generating a passive income from your blog.

    7. Conducting Workshops

    If your blog website is getting a huge traffic, you should have developed reputation and a strong relationship with your visitors who are considering you an expert in your niche.  You can take advantage of this and conduct paid workshops both online and offline to guide people exactly what works online and show them correct path of getting the success. You can use your blog for getting the registrations.

    8. Native Advertising

    The native ads are more compelling and noticeable. They resemble the form and function of the platform where they appear. For example, the sponsored social media posts belong to the category of native advertising. This type of advertising results in earning an extra passive income from blogs.

    9. Email Campaigns

    You can start email campaigns in the form of paid newsletter subscription services to share knowledge with your audience. And, you can take a certain fee either one time or for a specific period for the whole campaign.

    10. Promote & Grow your YouTube Channel

    If your blog is driving huge quality traffic, you can send it to your newly created YouTube Channel to gain subscribers and ultimately grow it to monetization level and start earning from it, in addition to your blog. Actually, the audience prefer watching videos more than the textual information, a form of content marketing called as video marketing. The YouTube Channel needs to be in the same niche as your blog to achieve such results. All you need to do is to create an attractive and appealing ad regarding your YouTube Channel on the home page of your blog so that visitors reach your channel in a single click, without any confusion and start watching videos to benefit themselves.

    Grow and promote your YouTube Channel through your blog:

    It needs efforts and hard work to promote a blog to get quality traffic and ultimately earn from it. It does not happen overnight. Work hard and don’t run after money. Just give your best in writing the posts and help people who need your help and provide solutions to those who have problems. Write your blog for your audience and not for ranking or making money initially. Develop an online credibility and build a community of friends and followers. If you show consistency and regularly or alternately upload fresh and original blog posts, you will start earning a decent income from your blog nearly after one year. Hereafter, don’t stop but continue with your online mission. This way blogging can be a full time job and a career for you. Its income steadily flows on recurring basis through multiple ways.

    Proper Research, Quality Writing and Optimized Content is Key to Success:

    Indeed the secret of blogging is to start it from choosing your niche, doing proper keyword research, registering a catchy domain name, buying a reliable web hosting for it preferably WordPress hosting with a perfect theme and required plugins. Now start writing consistent quality posts that are informative for the audience of a particular niche. Also, make its content optimized and promote it by sharing and increasing its visibility.

    Basically, blogging is symbiosis or a process of mutualism where both the blogger and the audience is benefited. Work on it and work hard. Certainly it grows and you will reap benefits lifelong out of your writing skills.

    My personal guarantee! 

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    What is blogging and how to make money from it?

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