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What is digital marketing?

“Here we will describe in detail what is digital marketing and why every marketer should apply its strategies to boost his business to the global audience.”

Global Internet Users: Internet Users by April-2022 are 5 Billion which is 63.1% of the total world population. 

what is digital marketing

Out of this, 94% (or 4.7 billion) use mobile phones to access the internet. This has resulted in a boost in digital marketing, enabling people to shop online from their smartphones.

“It can be put like this 94 people out of every 100 users use smartphones to access the web.” The world has become virtual now, with all facilities of life at your fingertips.

Online trading is the fastest way to earn money online. Of course, thousands of marketers earn millions of dollars per month from their online businesses. But, plenty of others fail and do not make even a single dime from the internet.

Successful Internet marketers work hard, learn business secrets, and keep an interest in the business. No doubt, they devote time, put into practice what they learn, and after much hard work, start earning from their business. However, this process is time-consuming and does not happen overnight.

Like these successful marketers, you also need to follow the same track until you start earning. Remember, every successful online marketer was once a newbie to digital marketing, and what made them successful you have to adapt to.

There is an equal earning potential for you as well, so start learning today from this course. Don’t be shy in the field; be open-minded and frank when asking questions. I promise you that you will get practical answers from the experts. Joining the online home business forums is the best way to get started.

The potential of any online business is between $0 and any amount per month. I do agree that there will be some setbacks in the initial stages of the business until you learn and acquire mastery in the field.

Please do not give up the business if you fail initially; try it again and again, and finally, you will succeed. Once you start getting sales, nothing may hold you back from success.

Then onward, your income may increase month after month if you keep putting forth honest efforts and showing persistence. You may never look back at your past. Your entire lifestyle may change.

Do you know how many get successful? Here is the answer: Suppose 100 people read my posts; only 10 will read them thoroughly, and 2 will start doing exactly what is instructed and get success. So, who will make you succeed? Yes, you are right… you and no one else?

I am presenting in this blog detailed posts for you to go through step by step, understand, and implement. Take an interest in learning and read only one post or part of it per day. Try to put the knowledge into practice, and then only move on to the next one. Now,

“What is digital marketing”?

There are so many definitions coming up in search results when you type your query “What is digital marketing”? The online response to your key word may simply confuse you. However, simple to understand definition of digital marketing is as under. 

“Digital marketing is a method of promoting or selling products or services to people online.” Digital channels are also called sales channels.

what is digital marketing

“A digital channel is a strategy that is employed online to project your product or service in front of your customers.”

Using digital channels, visitors are converted into customers.

“Philip Kotler”, an American professor and author of more than 60 marketing books, is the “Father of Digital Marketing.”

what is digital marketing?

Requirements of digital marketing

1-  Practical knowledge & its Implementation.

2-  Domain

3-  Website

4-  Website hosting

1- Practical Knowledge & its Implementation

  • Must know Whom to follow- “Select your “Guru”
  • Learn properly
  • Understand properly
  • Implement immediately whatever you learn

2- Domain : Website Address e.g;, must be:

  • Short
  • Easy to Remember
  • Containing Keywords
  • Avoid Digits in your Domain

3- Website : 24 hours open shop on internet must be:

  • Professionally Designed, Good Looking
  • Appealing & Attractive like magnet
  • Interactive
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Containing Useful Content
  • Offering services or products

4- Web hosting:

“It is a web service that is put in use to visit websites on World Wide Web.” A web hosting service must necessarily be:

  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Having a 100% Up time & Customer Support

Must note, if you are learning any of the strategies of Digital Marketing:

1-  Follow one Digital Marketer.

2-  Implement what you learn- make it a habit.

3-  Be Practical rather than a Degree Holder.

4-  Be Trained rather than only Educated.

5-  Build your Online Portfolio to project your Talent.

The demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day, and it can be a good career if you do whatever is instructed!

You have to be among the 3-5% of people who succeed in digital marketing and reap financial benefits from it.

95-97 percent of people fail at internet marketing! They follow everyone who claim to be a digital expert and do not put into action whatever they learn.

What is digital marketing?

Domain Name:

A domain is an address that points to a website. It means that when we type a domain in the web browser, say “Google Chrome”, it takes us to a particular website. One domain is connected to one website.

A domain name is the website address, or in short, the URL (Universal Resource Locator), that identifies an internet website. e.g.; A domain name may consist of two or more words separated by dots. It is your personal identity in the internet world. Your own domain name gives your business a professional look and an established internet presence. In fact, you are looked at as a professional businessman or Internet marketer.

There are thousands of free websites hosting several web pages for free with a free domain name—no cost at all. But a word of caution is that a large percentage of web users do not take a website seriously if it is using a free web space and does not have its own domain name.

Internet users and online buyers may think that if the site owner cannot afford a paid host, it is not worth buying from them. Free hosting destroys your image and status as an online merchant in the eyes of buyers, even if you have products worth gold to sell.

This is a fact, and you have to get paid to host free ads if you have to succeed in the internet business to make money.

Website Designing:

A website is a shop on the internet where you can put your products to sell. Unlike in the offline world, it remains open 24 hours a day, whether you are there or not.

The next step is to design your website. If you are a web designer yourself, then you can develop a website of your own. If not, get it developed by some expert in the field. 

Website design is the process of building or creating websites. Web design is all about colour combinations. It is creative work related to the front end or client side.

It is a complex process! It is all about coding. It takes time to learn.

Languages Used:

  • html
  • php
  • asp
  • javascript
  • flash

what is digital marketing?

Factors for designing a website

1) Loading speed 

You have to make sure that the website you create is quick to open, requiring not more than ten to fifteen seconds at most to open in the browser. Consumers typically do not wait longer than 15 seconds for a website to load before moving on to the next option, so if your website does not launch within this time frame, you will lose business.

2) Original and useful content

The quality of the content is what ultimately determines how well a product sells. It should express the information that you want to transmit to your visitor, shouldn’t it? Is the content on your website composed in a manner that makes it enticing and inspiring to the reader? Does it generate a sale?

3) Personalize your website.

You should include email and feedback options on your website so that site visitors can ask you questions about your product that might not have been answered by the information presented on the website itself. If the visitors receive an instantaneous and satisfactory response to their queries, this may increase the number of sales you make.

4) Consistency of website

Your website needs to have a consistent feel and be extremely attractive, in layout, and design. It ought to be pleasing to the eye and shouldn’t cause the visitors any annoyance; otherwise, they will move on to the next website.

5) Navigation

The site’s navigation needs to be as easy and as simple as possible. Therefore, the visitors will be at ease navigating the site. You should add a text link on your website labeled “site map” that leads to a web page that lists all of the links on your website for the convenience of your visitors. Additionally, from this web page, visitors should be able to click on any link on your website. 

Before beginning to construct your website, you need to have a clear idea of who your ideal visitors will be. The content on your website must cater to the requirements of your clients. I would prefer that your website be clean and professionally designed. If you want to establish a strong reputation for your internet business, it goes without saying that you must sell products of high quality.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a service that allows people to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies that provide space to the websites of their clients on a server in a data center.

Types of hosting:

  • Linux or php hosting
  • Windows or asp hosting
  • Application
  • WordPress
  • Virtual
  • Dedicated

what is digital marketing?

WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get !

It is the easiest way to design websites. It works like Microsoft Word. What you make is exactly what you see and what you print out. Similarly, whatever you design in WYSIWYG Web Builder by the easy drag-and-drop method gets printed as the final web page.

Here comes WordPress (Open Source Content Management System) into play.


It is a free and open-source content management system written in the PHP language and paired with a database. WordPress was created for the publishing of blogs or online journals, but nowadays it is also used for other types of websites. In the top 10 million websites, WordPress was being used by 41.4% as of May 2021.

It was initially released on May 27th, 2003, by the WordPress Foundation. Its official website is

No coding or programming is required while developing a website in WordPress. It works with a simple drag-and-drop method, and you get a webpage in less than 30 minutes. Anyone can design a website in it. Switching over to different themes and adding the requisite plugins makes your site highly professional and appealing.

This is the beauty of the WordPress system, and you become a website developer within days.

WordPress is a factory that creates websites. It stores content and enables users to create and publish Web pages, requiring nothing beyond a domain name and a hosting service. A template system uses a template processor.


Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of their websites without changing the core code of the website or the site content.


Plugins allow users to extend WordPress themes, which are easily customized to fulfill your website’s needs and its overall look.

All the features are at a single click of your mouse, and your dream project is completed within minutes. You have full control over your project.

WordPress themes are easily customized to fulfill your website’s needs and its overall look.

Of course, the paid versions of themes are much more promising than the free versions.


Graphic Design Made Easy

For people and teams wanting to design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents, prints, and much more. Thousands of free templates, photos, and fonts to bring your vision to the life.

It is available in both desktop and mobile versions!

*Canva Pro is free for education and nonprofits.

What is the need of Digital Marketing

1-  Easy to Operate

2-  Less Costly

3-  Work 24 Hours (Automated)

4-  No Sales Person required

5-  Equal Opportunity for all

6-  Brand awareness

7-  Global Market

8-  More Sales Potential

9-  Authority Development

(Unlike Offline or Traditional Business.)

Stategies of Digital Marketing

1-  Content Marketing

2-  Search Engine Marketing

3-  Social Media Marketing

4-  Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

5-  Email Marketing

6-  Mobile Marketing

7-  Affiliate Marketing

8-  Video Marketing

9-  Blog Marketing

10- Article Marketing

what is digital marketing?

How to start a Digital/Internet Business?

The Internet world is growing fast, and India is showing an Internet presence to the world concerning work-at-home businesses. I am revealing all the secrets and risks involved in a digital business without hiding anything. I have tried to cover everything in simple language so that you understand the concept and apply it accordingly.

You are reading this blog, and I hope you are interested in starting an Internet business and making money at home.

I have shed light on all methods of digital marketing and explained everything in detail in easy-to-follow language. I assume you have basic knowledge of the internet, like browsing, web content, and search engines like, etc.

While you read my posts, please act according to your ideas, concepts, products or services, and budget. I can’t explain every business here. Instead, I can lay out the basic procedure for starting an Internet or digital business, selling anything that has a market on the Internet. I am furnishing all the necessary details on how to do it. This blog is strictly for educational purposes in digital marketing.

I suggest you not read any other blog on digital marketing until you finish reading my posts. This is because I don’t want you to get confused. Read this blog comfortably and try to learn the concept of starting an internet business.

To make it more clear, an Internet business is not just clicking jobs, taking surveys, reading emails, doing data entry, etc. It is a full-fledged business just like a business in the offline world, but an online business has more potential and requires less money to start. This is the biggest advantage of an internet business. You have to believe that people are making thousands of dollars per month from their online businesses. This is a fact!

The internet business needs more hard work and dedication.

Regarding an internet business, you can sell anything on the net using your website or without one by selling other people’s products or services they offer on their websites. If you run a website and it is attracting good traffic, you may sell space on it and place ads of people on it for a monthly fee; that is using your site for advertisement. You can use your common sense and develop your own business. 

Opportunities are endless when we talk about an internet business using digital marketing. You can promote and sell anything through the Internet. The only thing is that you have to learn and educate yourself on the subject with interest and patience. Don’t worry, it is easy. The thing is that you should be interested in learning.

Let me talk about e-commerce now. It is defined as the process of selling and buying products and services over the Internet on secure servers using shopping carts and credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers. E-commerce is fully automatic; no human beings are used; a website selling products or services works like a salesperson for you.

One thing, please drill into your mind that there is no easy money or shortcut to making money. Never think that bags of money will fall from the sky for you. You have to work hard to make money online. It all depends on your skills and the time you devote to the business. People usually fail to make money online because they are looking for easy money, and once again, let me tell you that there is no easy money. You have to work hard to make it happen, or else you will waste your time here and there on the internet and eventually get nothing.

Also, my blog is of no use to you if you want to earn fast and easy money.

Let me say a few words on each method of the internet business before I furnish details on how to start it.

1. Sell your own product:

Selling your own products or services is the best method of doing online business. It can make lots of money for you, provided it is a quality product or service and you follow all the correct techniques to sell it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a product of your own at this stage.

I will guide you on how to create your own product as well. The key point is that if you closely watch the internet, you will learn how to create a product of your own. You can also purchase a product with private label rights, edit it, give it a new look, and sell it on the Internet. This is the shortest way of creating a product.

Once you have a product, promote it using any or all methods of digital marketing as explained in this e-book. However, it is strongly recommended that you launch a Google AdWords campaign to drive targeted traffic to your website. Most of the sales come from Google AdWords, but you have to learn how to go about this kind of paid advertising. Details are explained in a separate blog post.

You need a credit card for this type of advertisement. If you do not have one, apply today and get it issued soon. It should be ready when you finish reading this blog so that you can put your knowledge into practice and start earning online.

2: Affiliate Marketing:

It is the selling of products and services of other people from your website, through email, or using Google AdWords, and getting a commission per sale. This is the most proven method of earning money online via digital marketing, even if you do not have your own website.

3. Google Adsense:

Here, you place ads on your blog and website, and Google pays you per click, i.e., when somebody clicks on an ad from your blog or website, you get money from Google. The amount depends on the type of ad. It is the easiest way to earn money online. Only you need to create good content for your blog or website and place a code on it that you get from Google after you register with Google Adsense. No doubt you have to follow certain rules and regulations or else your account will be suspended.

4- Newsletter:

Here, you have to provide some useful information to your subscribers on a particular topic you are an expert in and charge recipients on a weekly or monthly basis.

5- Sell Space on Your Website or Newsletter:

If you own a website that gets heavy traffic at least 1500 visitors per day—you can sell its space to others. You can do so by advertising other people’s products or services on your site in the form of ads, banners, or text links for a monthly fee. But to get a huge amount of traffic per day, you have to promote your site regularly for at least 3–4 years.

You may also send an ad belonging to some other person through your newsletter and take a fee from the person because you are advertising his or her website (or products or services) through your newsletter.

6- Exit Page:

If your site is driving heavy traffic, you may offer exit page advertisements and earn money from this. Visitors will visit your site, and on leaving your site, an exit page will open. This wouldn’t affect your business, and you’d earn money at the same time. Simply because a part of the traffic will visit the exit page website, which is advantageous to the webmaster.

7. Other ways to earn money

If you are good at writing, you can write web content, articles, or sales copy for others for a good fee and earn money at home.

You can also do a personal shopping business, which means you have to do the shopping for others, like elderly people who cannot go out and shop themselves, and they will pay you for doing this shopping. Don’t worry; they will pay you for whatever you purchase. And you will also get some money for doing this job.

You may also work as a virtual assistant, assisting some companies from home, doing their work as a secretary or personal assistant, and in turn getting paid for this.

All you have to do is do some searching on Google, and you will find a fairly large number of such companies that are looking for assistants, web content writers, web designers, etc. But a word of caution here: please check out the online credibility of such companies by typing in the Google search box, ”Is a scam or genuine site?” and like that. Google will return results, and you will learn about the site or company.

what is digital marketing?

Genuine vs. Scam site:

There are thousands of home job scams running on the internet that take money from people by giving them an online job. However, once you pay, you will never hear from them, and in this way, these scammers are looting people. So please try to identify whether a site is genuine or a scam. It is easy. Follow the below-mentioned few steps.

  • Check out the online credibility of the website as outlined above. But if the company or site is new and has no online credibility yet, what should it door site is new and has no online credibility yet, what should it do? Simple: find out their address and phone number and talk to them. Usually, genuine sites always answer the phone and talk politely. But it is not enough; even then, a site can be a scam. Also, checkpoint number 3 onward:
  • Check whether there are an address and phone number mentioned on the website. For a legal and genuine site, it is always there.
  • A genuine site will never assure you that you can pay “$37 and get rich overnight”, “pay $27 and become a millionaire”, “invest $15 and earn $2000 per week “ or something like that. If an offer is too good to be true, it is definitely a scam. It is my personal experience, and I have gone through such scams.
  • A genuine site will never charge any fees for giving you an online job.
  • Ask people in the discussion forums and you will come to know everything about the site.
  • Apply your common sense to verify the genuineness of a site.

what is digital marketing?

Look for a market rather than looking for a product to start a business

For any business, online or offline, one has to find the market for a particular product to sell. If one owns a commercial shop with high-quality products to sell in the offline world but there are no customers to buy his product, you can better understand what the shop or the product is worth. Similarly, the first and foremost thing in your internet business is to find your niche market. This is the most important task you have to do and is the key to online success.

A niche is a small group of people who need a common product or service or a solution to a particular problem. Once you know your niche market, you can fulfill the requirements of the market and make money out of it.

Don’t worry about what you sell online, how much you learn about business marketing, how you sell, if you succeed or not, how much time it will take, etc. First, look out for people who need some service or a product. You do not need to think of a product at this stage.

This is the stage where most people commit a mistake. They look for a product and try to sell it without knowing whether the market for it exists or not. That is how most people fail to make money online.

You have to work hard at finding your niche market. This is your starting point in the business, and if this step you take is right, your online venture will be a magnificent victory.

A niche market is a market where there is less competition but more people are looking for a product or service. Hence, it is an underutilized market. If there are websites offering solutions to a particular problem, that means someone has already discovered the niche. Thus, you need to search for another niche market.

However, you may continue with this market too only if a quality solution is not provided to the customers. You can add value to the product and serve the market well.

In a small niche market, the competition is less, and it is easier to dominate small markets. Your customers will visit you over and over, as your product will be the only source of solutions for their problems. Therefore, you will have a good audience with few competitors, leading to a higher conversion rate. Your niche is unique and differentiated.

When you run a niche business, you need to compete with 10,000 established online marketers. Hence, 50% of the work is done in running a successful 
online business. Congratulations! Niche marketing most people do not know of.

Now look at yourself and find out what you are an expert in and what your interests are. Make a list of keywords that describe your interests. If you know about relieving depression, your keywords or key phrases may be how to relieve depression, be depression-free, be tension-free, etc. 

Now you have to check the competition for these keywords, which is demand and supply. Demand means how many people are looking for a solution to get rid of depression, and supply means how many websites there are that provide solutions to this problem. You should be enthusiastic about the product or services you offer to the niche market, or else your business will no longer run.

If demand is less than supply, you simply cannot establish a business that will profit you. On the contrary, if the demand is greater than the supply, there will be more people looking for a solution to get relief from depression and fewer websites that provide that solution. Here, you can use these keywords to establish a website and offer a quality solution to get relief from depression. Always concentrate on keywords with less competition and more searches per month by the people you are looking for.

Also, see what comes up in various search engines like,,, etc. typing keywords and key phrases related to your interest and checking how you can improve such products or services to serve the market better. This is your initial stage in Internet business, and as you gain experience in marketing, you will be able to create an information product yourself.

You may also run an online business using what is called as digital marketing strategy without owning a product, but for long-term success, you need a product of your own.

what is digital marketing?

How to check market & competition of keywords

What is digital marketing success is not possible to get without focusing on a niche market. You might be wondering how to check the market and the competition for keywords. There are multiple methods you can use to research your keywords. I am presenting you with two such tools for free.

Always choose the keywords with less competition (low supply), more searches per month (demand), and profit potential in all the major three search engines, namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing, using the following free tools:

Seobook Tool:

Word tracker tool:

One of the best free tools is Google’s tool:

There are multiple keyword research tools in the SeoBook tool. Using all of them for better results is highly recommended. is a free but limited service for researching keywords, as already mentioned above, but if you opt for a monthly paid service, you get better results in digging deep while researching the keywords for your business. Paid service is far more worth it. is a free service used to compare two keywords based on their popularity.

Bear in mind that in addition to choosing keywords, you should also choose some key phrases for your business that are often overlooked by webmasters, so you have a fairly good chance of success there.

These free tools for a particular keyword or key phrase will show you: the number of searches per month for a particular keyword or keyphrase; the number of websites available on the Internet coming up in different search engines; the number of Google ad words; the number of Overture ads; the keyword efficiency index (KEI), which is the ratio of the number of searches divided by the number of results for a particular keyword; the result-to-search (R/SS) ratio; the average bid; etc.

What you have to note is that for a particular keyword or search term, the KEI should be as high as possible and the R/S ratio should be as low as possible, being the opposite of the KEI. High KEI and low R/S ratio keywords are profitable ones you can start with.

To be seriously noted is that when you type a particular search term (keyword) in the Google search box and click Go, it shows millions of websites for that particular keyword. The search result includes all the websites, irrespective of the typed keyword in the title of the websites.

One thing you have to do here is type allintitle: your keyword instead of your keyword in the search box, and click Go to find the search results. This time the number of websites in the search results will be drastically reduced because now you see the websites having your keyword in the title. According to an estimate, the sites that do not have their main keywords in their site title are not actively promoted, or, in other words, we can say that these websites are not search engine optimized for good ranking in the search engine results. You can take advantage of this. You will learn search engine optimization later.

Once you know your keywords, set up a website as instructed in this blog, wait a few months for it to rise in search engine rankings, and get listed in the search engine results to get targeted traffic that makes money for you. This is the whole game plan. As a matter of fact, there is a trick to getting indexed within days by the Google engine. You will learn this secret later.

Be noted, please, that there are much more underfilled niches than unfilled ones, so be careful in finding your niche. If you find an unfilled niche, go for it immediately; good luck. If you do not choose an underfilled or partly filled niche but start the business anyway, do not wait and waste your time here and there on the Internet.

Warning: “Do not build your business initially using a keyword or niche that is highly competitive or overfilled. Once you build some authority in the Google search engine, you may start with more competitive keywords.”

what is digital marketing?

Choosing the right keywords for your business is the main job you have to do for an online success.

If you wish to use more keywords for your business, you can do so by using additional keywords related to your business on a second web page, but this page should be different from your home page on the one hand and still related to your product or services on the other hand. It is recommended to write articles about your product or services with a link to your main site at the end of the article, diverting traffic from these additional keywords back to your home page. It may do miracles if you do it carefully!

Once you make the website for the low-competition keywords or key phrases, check to see if you are listed and see your rank for each keyword or key phrase. The higher you are in search results, the more traffic you will be attracting for your online business. 

How do I do this? Simply type your keyword or keyphrase in the Google search box and browse until you find your site listed. Of course, it will take some time. With the passage of time, as your website grows, especially in terms of backlinks, your placement in the search engine results will go higher and higher.

You also have to check which keywords are bringing in more traffic and which are bringing in the least. Eliminate the low traffic bringing keywords. You will learn later in this course about keyword performance in driving search engine traffic.

Now, at this stage of reading this e-course, you should have a product to sell, or at least an idea. People should “want” your product rather than “need” it. There is a difference between “want” and “need”. Want is ahead of need. We need a source of income to live. But we want lots of money to live a better life. Your product should be so attractive that it should create a desire in people to make them want to buy it.

Find out what is selling well in the market and try to improve on that. Come up with a new version of the same product and serve the market better. Do not copy somebody’s product, as you will be in trouble on account of copyright infringement. Do the same thing differently.

If you have an idea, you can convert it into a product (an e-book) and serve the market.

You may offer a solution to a problem in the form of an e-book in PDF format and sell it.

Find out some hot topics selling on the net. Consult experts from among your friends, colleagues, and teachers and collect information from them, as these are experts in their field. Now make an e-book in PDF format and sell it, entitling it “What Experts Say On… ”.

Get 10–15 ebooks or books on the topic you have skills in or are interested in. Read them out and find out what you can add to them. Rewrite the entire concept in your own words, incorporating the additional information you have, and come up with the entire thing in the form of a new e-book in PDF format and sell it online. Don’t forget to seek permission from the authors if necessary.

If you are a teacher and want to provide some educational products to the children, here is an opportunity to create a product. Do some research on the Internet to find out what students need. Of course, there will be a number of websites providing such information. You list all these website addresses, make a PDF e-book containing topics and related website addresses, and present it to parents for some cost.

What you have done is just having compiled the information and nothing else, and you have earned money from this. Don’t forget to put on the cover page “Information on _____ compiled by Mr. _________”. Here you are not an author but a compiler, which means a person who has put together some information that is already available online or offline.

Here is another beautiful idea. Do some research on the Internet and find out baby names, both male and female. Compile the information beautifully. Seek permission from webmasters to present this information in the form of an e-book or book. This way, you can also earn money. Usually, if you contact the gynaecological hospital authorities and keep this information with them, sharing some percentage per sale with them, they can help you sell this information in their hospital to the parents of newborns. Parents will love these ready-made pamphlets on baby names, and you may make lots of money. 

Say the number of births per day in a gynaecological hospital is 50, and the cost of a booklet is Rs. 50. Supposing you pay Rs. 10 to hospital authorities as commission per sale, and the cost of material and printing is Rs. 20. This means you have a net profit of Rs. 30 per sale, totaling Rs. 1500 per day, and hence Rs. 45,000 per month. Make an attractive title like “1000 new, latest male baby names” and see the magic of this idea. You may use this idea to make money online or offline.

You may also sell other people’s products with resale rights, master resale rights, or private label rights. You will later learn about these rights in this e-course.

Drop shipping is yet another method to make money online. Drop-shippers are wholesale distributors who distribute the product on your behalf to your customers with your company name on it. All you have to do is charge your customer more than the drop shipper will charge you, and the difference is your profit in the process. But you are responsible and accountable for this transaction. Before the drop shipper, you are responsible for the payment, and before the customer, you are responsible for the quality of the product and its delivery.

You will find a lot of such services across the net, but you have to do some research to find a genuine and honest drop shipper to deal with. Remember, there are lots of scammers on the Internet who can easily deceive you.

I presume you have a product at this stage of reading this content page, and you can sell it with or without a website. If you own a website, you can automate the business’s running on its own without any heavy work on your part. You have to test and change the sales page until it generates sales. Also, you have to test the marketing methods and find out which one works best for you, then stick with that one or a combination of methods.

Without a website, you can also sell a product, but that involves a lot of hard work on your part. You can use email marketing to promote the product. But having your own website is favourable for online businesses, which will do almost everything for you. 

If you sell other people’s products for a commission, you usually do not need a website. Here most commonly pay per click PPC advertising comes into play also called Google ad words. But you can also promote affiliate products through your website.

If you want to earn from Google Adsense, you can have your own website or use an online journal. Blogs are usually free to create. Blogs are easily created on, a service from Google. I recommend setting up your own website rather than using a free service.

Now you have to keep your budget ready. Firstly, you need money to set up your business, which includes a website, autoresponders, etc. Secondly, you have to go for paid advertising to bring in targeted traffic and convert it into customers. Here, it is up to you how much to invest in your new online venture.

You are supposed to monitor user behaviour on your site and track your sales. Check what works and stick to that. There is always room for improvement. Make your site search engine friendly to drive organic traffic to it, which is not only free but also highly audience specific. Use all the effective methods of promoting your online business to maximize your profits.

what is digital marketing?

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what is digital marketing?

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what is digital marketing?

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