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    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    What is Affiliate Marketing? An Ultimate  Guide for Beginner’s!

    What is affiliate marketing? Let’s discuss it from scratch for your better understanding. It is selling products and services of other people from your website or through e-mails or using Google ad words and getting commission per sale. This is the most proven method of earning money online even if you do not have your website.

    what is affiliate marketing?

    Terminology associated with affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing merchant

    Any company that makes use of an affiliate network in order to raise consumers’ knowledge of the brand associated with their goods and services is referred to as an affiliate marketing merchant.

    Also, it refers to those who own businesses, whether they be wholesalers, merchants, or manufacturers. These companies often make use of affiliate networks and technologies to affiliates who will advertise their wares. Both small and big companies could be behind affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketers

    Affiliate marketers may be single individuals or entire companies. They promote other people’s products. Affiliate marketers set up a separate blog to advertise the affiliate products to earn commissions, besides using other strategies for advertisement.


    A consumer is a person who buys the product or services and makes it possible for the affiliate marketer to earn commissions. An Affiliate marketer advertises the products on different online platforms and very tactfully sells such products to the consumer or customer.

    Affiliate networks

    Affiliate networks are online platforms that provide you with an opportunity to participate in affiliate marketing enabling you to choose the products you like to promote. Such networks function as connecting links between the affiliates and the merchant. 

    For example, the Amazon Affiliate Network is a database of different products like books, cosmetic items, toys, electronic gadgets, etc. Anybody can sign up for their affiliate program and start promoting specific items to make sales and earn money online.

    Affiliate commission

    It refers to a specific commission amount that varies from product to product and is earned when a sale is concluded.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    1-Affiliate Marketing-Make Money Without Having Your Own Website:

    Affiliating marketing is online marketing where you get a commission for selling other people’s products or services. As such you become an affiliate in the process with your own distinct affiliate site link for a particular affiliate program you join and promote. The majority of affiliate programmes are open to everyone.

    All the affiliate links contain a distinct code different for different affiliates, which tracks the sales generated and hence the commission to an affiliate.

    To become an affiliate marketer, you need not have your website as you are promoting other people’s products or services online and getting a commission for a sale generated through your affiliate link.

    Many affiliate programs pay you 50-75% of the sale amount as a commission per sale. More you promote the affiliate program, the more money you may make.

    Once you reach the minimum payout set by the site owner, you are paid by cheque or money order or via PayPal payment processor.

    Top affiliates are earning thousands of dollars for simply referring people to other people’s products or services.

    The best example of a super affiliate is Ewen Chia who makes over $1,00,000 per year from affiliate marketing.

    Major and best affiliate programs are as:-

    Amazon Associates:

    Click Bank:

    Commission Junction:

    eBay Partner Network:

    Do join the following forum to learn affiliate marketing if you are new to it. You will find great free resources there to help you a lot.

    Step by step instructions

    Here are the step-by-step instructions on what to do and where to start affiliate marketing from. I am taking you by hand as to exactly what to do:

    1. First of all find a niche market where people have a problem but no solution as already discussed earlier. As far as possible the niche market should be what you have an interest in, in addition to low competition (less number of websites) and a good market demand (good searches per month).

    Your area of interest will make you easily promote the business with great enthusiasm and high success.

    Be specific while you choose your niche market and avoid wide or general search terms or keywords. More specific you are in your niche, the more success you get in your online business.

    Visit the discussion forums to see questions related to your niche and come up with a solution to serve the market.

    2. Find a suitable affiliate program related to your niche. I highly recommend you join the ClickBank affiliate program which has over 10,000 products and services. Choose your niche product or service from ClickBank.

    3. Try to use the product yourself by buying it after you observe the sales copy is convincing enough and see if is it beneficial to you? If so, stick to it.

    4. Purchase your professional domain name, and redirect it to your affiliate link. By doing so, you hide your affiliate link behind the professional domain name. Affiliate links are long and bad to look at and are not liked by the people to buy from. Rather people love to buy from professional domain names. For example, Amazon or HostGator

    Be strictly professional

    Your domain name should be related to what you are promoting depending upon availability. Try to be as close as possible to your product.

    For example, if your affiliate product is how to generate huge traffic to websites, your domain should be If this is not available, you may go for a variation of your domain name like, or any other domain variation depending upon what is available but related to the affiliate product.

    5. Now you are having a domain name behind which is hidden your affiliate link. You have to advertise your new site URL to make people know of this great product which is a fact because you have tested the product yourself and is worth it.

    Be honest, do not deceive anyone.

    Being truthful and sincere in your approach will help you in the long run in the Internet world which is full of scams and frauds.

    To promote the new site URL, you may use Google Adwords (Pay Per Click Advertising), article marketing, forum marketing, Press releases, Social Bookmarking sites, etc., etc.

    You may also put the link on your website if it is already well established & driving good traffic, but the affiliate product you promote must be related to your site product or services.

    One thing you have to bear in mind is that when you write an article about the product you are promoting, do not try to sell the product directly to your reader.

    Instead, write how you used the product and got benefited and recommend it to others. Do not make readers feel that you are there to sell them something. Do take care here and see the magic of the Internet.

    Be smart

    If you write the article like a sales copy, people who read your article will immediately understand that you are trying to sell them and make money from them. However, when you use a different approach, they will think that you want to help them and chances dramatically increase that they will buy from you.

    You can also join the groups. As such, ind a group related to your niche and post an ad for free after you join the prospective group and become a member for free.

    Other members of the group will see your ad and visit your website. Check out the group related to your niche is active and the last post is up to date. This is very important because if the group is dormant, who is going to see your ad?

    Also, try to join all the active groups related to your niche. Indeed, this will drive good traffic to your website.

    Absolutely, I recommend you follow all the traffic-attracting techniques laid out in this post to maximize your affiliate earnings. Test what method works and what not and act accordingly.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    2-Principals of Super Affiliate Marketing: Single Page Website Needed

    (1) Set up your website with a professional domain name. Now you can promote your affiliate products from this site. A single web page with an e-mail capturing form will do the job.

    Your affiliate link should be hidden behind another professional domain name so that people will never come to know that you are promoting an affiliate product.

    The necessity of your website for promoting an affiliate product is to use an e-mail capturing page to capture leads to send out a newsletter and warm up your subscribers by follow-ups to sell them the product and make money out of them and make profits, again and again, doing the same thing. This is a tested strategy and brings in huge profits for online marketers.

    (2) Focus on only one affiliate product initially and when you get success in one and promote it considerably, then and then only go for a second affiliate product.

    Choose you affiliate product carefully

    The affiliate program you select should pay you a high commission of at least 30% per sale and must provide you with a wide variety of marketing tools like text links, e-mail links, banners, etc.

    Payout should not be too high and payments must be paid at least every 15 days after reaching the minimum payout. You should also get good support from the programme.

    The programme should also tell you about the marketing methods that top affiliates are using to generate maximum sales.

    (3) Make your opt-in pages neat, easy to understand, and straightforward. Send brief and to-the-point messages to your subscribers.

    When visitors subscribe to your opt-in list, they are redirected to the sales letter of the affiliate product (or simply an affiliate link hidden behind a professional domain name) using an autoresponder. Here you show them the product offer for the first time.

    Many subscribers do not buy at this time, but the good thigh is that they are on your list (lead generation) and it is totally up to you to make them buy from you by using the secrets of e-mail marketing.

    Use autoresponders to automate messages

    Later you can send follow-ups using an autoresponder to educate your subscribers about the importance of the product and continue till they buy. In fact, you need to send out quality information beneficial to the subscribers.

    (4) Build your credibility and online recognition. Put your name and personal photo on the e-mail capturing page. Actively promote your e-mail capturing page using all the traffic-generating strategies which will work for you, preferably Google Adwords.

    (5) Make your header and logo for your website and products to present yourself and your business as professionals.

    (6) Conclude every e-mail with the “To Your Online Success” slogan at the end.

    Collect leads and frame a list

    (7) Capture the e-mail addresses of visitors and build your e-mail list to generate huge affiliate sales and big money. Reply to all the queries in the shortest possible time to remove doubts and satisfy your subscribers.

    Give out quality information to your subscribers in your newsletter which can help people. Build a personal relationship with your subscribers.

    (8) Focus on your follow-up e-mails. Improve your conversions. Test what works and what not.

    (9) Offer the back-end products in the follow-ups to generate real profits from your subscribers. It has been seen that back-end offers enable affiliates to make big profits.

    A back-end product may be a high-priced affiliate product offered to the customers after a sale. It can be also a special offer to all the members in the subscription list or memberships to the sites to generate a monthly residual commission.

    (10) Once you set up the system that generates good affiliate commissions or profits, find other affiliate products and work on them.

    Never stop, continue working on different niches, and set up the whole system on autopilot running on its own.

    A word of caution

    Never promote any affiliate link directly in an e-book, instead use a professional domain name inside your e-book and redirect it to the affiliate link. I strongly recommend purchasing a separate domain name for each affiliate link. This will act as security In case the affiliate links change or the site gets closed down. 

    When you will be using your domain name, you can redirect it to other affiliate links and drive pre-built traffic to the new links. If you use affiliate links directly in an e-book and promote it widely on the net and the link changes or the site closes down, all your hard work will go waste and all the traffic built as such will be diverted to dead affiliate links. 

    Here the role of professional domain names comes into play which is safe for your business.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    How to become an affiliate merchant

    Being an affiliate merchant is simple for those who already have a strong knowledge base on a certain topic and, by lucky coincidence, an existing niche market on the internet. People in a niche market often struggle with an issue and are interested in finding a solution. 

    Here, you have the easy opportunity to make use of marketing opportunities that already exist on the internet and to provide people with solutions.

    Since you are familiar with the topic, it will not be difficult for you to compile information or create a digital product such as an e-book in which you share your knowledge to assist individuals who are in need. As a result, the following phases make up the overall process of becoming an affiliate merchant:

    Strategy to follow

    1. The conception of an idea for a product

    2. Looking for potential niche markets on the internet; if you find one, best of luck!

    3. You must have an understanding of the area of the product’s creation. That requires a lot of effort and attention, and you should know how to do it.

    4. Have a look at this helpful resource to learn how to create your first information product. Study it attentively, and be sure to put it into practice in every aspect of the creation of your product. The little financial outlay required to bring a digital good into existence is one of the many benefits of doing so. Of course, there is no denying the fact that it is time consuming.

    Right tools and partners

    5. After your product is finished, you may begin looking for affiliate programmes that might assist you in selling it. You need to hunt for affiliate partners and relevant tools that will assist you in getting started and, subsequently, its online management.

    You need to find a target demographic of people who are interested in your product. It is typical for information products to have commission rates for affiliates that are higher than 60 percent.

    Start immediately without waiting. Begin by recruiting only one affiliate marketer. Google “affiliates + your specialty” to find out which programmes and partners are available for affiliate marketing. In the process of marketing and selling, you should get the ball rolling.

    6. You also have the option of becoming an affiliate marketer and promoting your product. To reach the individuals you want to talk to, you’ll need to embrace a new strategy and help others. 

    Be helpful in your approach

    Do not make any attempts to sell anything directly to them. Instead, you should focus on writing articles that showcase the advantages of your product while also carefully placing affiliate links within your write-up, since this strategy is quite successful.

    Always keep in mind that you need to improve as an affiliate marketer by gaining knowledge from your previous experiences and putting new ideas into practice using the appropriate approach at each stage of the process. 

    In addition, maintaining your reputation is a priority for you. If you are unable to acquire the trust of your audience, you will not be successful in making money online.

    Email marketing, PPC ads and Blogging

    7. You may also contact your audience by using tactics for marketing through email, which continues to be successful even in modern times. 

    You similarly make sales by using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. In this case, you will need to spend some of your own money on paid kind of advertising.

    In addition to this, you need to get started creating a blog and updating it regularly so that search engines will start sending you organic traffic. You should also never overlook the magnitude of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

    Influencer marketing

    8. To publicize your goods, you should make use of influencer marketing, as well. This involves soliciting the assistance of individuals who have already achieved success online on channels such as YouTube or who are operating well-known blogs. 

    Speak to them and negotiate a price for your product to be advertised in front of their audience, whether it be followers or subscribers. Doing so will be beneficial, and you may expect an increase in sales.

    9. Employ additional methods of promotion to sell your product, such as video marketing, by making and posting content-rich videos on YouTube and cultivating a community of followers on forum sites. This may be to promote your product.

    10. Compose a review of the product, and be sure to include your affiliate link in it.

    11. If you want to generate more sales, you may consider giving your consumers coupons for a discount of some kind and giving the coupons to them.

    Mistakes that are often made in affiliate marketing

    1. Do not produce information that is of low quality or of no utility.

    2. Instead of making direct sales to individual clients, give your attention to cultivating connections and relationships.

    3. Do not mislead other people by making promises that you cannot keep. Always tell the truth and don’t lie.

    4. Give careful consideration to the things you choose for affiliate marketing. See whether it would be profitable to sell them.

    How to keep track of your achievements

    Keep an eye on the activity of the users and find out what kinds of content they like reading the most. Examine the search terms that result in the most traffic. As a result, you should place a greater emphasis on content and keywords of this kind. 

    Discover the correct way to research data in Google Analytics and assess the required metrics for success and future development, such as impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, sales, Return On Investment (ROI), etc.

    Insider knowledge on affiliate marketing

    Determine which of your marketing strategies is producing the best results and stick with that one. Determine the kinds of content that are attracting the most clicks from your audience, and then produce more of those types of content. 

    Find out if your product solves the problems that they are having and helps them deal with those problems. Check if there are a lot of questions people have about your product and whether there is a market for it.

    Affiliate marketing: predictions for 2023

    Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice-activated search engines, podcasts, search engine optimization (SEO), link building, and video content marketing will be the leading technologies in 2023. 

    These technologies are expected to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. Undoubtedly, this will help them stay ahead of the competition. With the increasing adoption of these technologies, companies will need to invest in training their employees. 

    This will ensure they have the necessary skills to effectively utilize these tools and remain competitive in the market. Failure to do so may result in falling behind and losing market share to more tech-savvy competitors.


    To summarize or in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a kind of digital marketing that takes place online and involves a person selling the goods or services of a third party in exchange for a commission on each transaction. 

    After determining if there is a market on the internet for the goods you are interested in selling, pick that product with great care. 

    Use every type of advertising that is available, including paid methods in the beginning, in order to increase traffic and revenue. While selecting the affiliate items, use extreme caution. Do not fool people. Always speak the truth and be truthful. 

    It is important to assist individuals and find solutions to their issues. In exchange, they will be of assistance to you when they make a purchase from you. This is a connection that benefits both sides equally; hence, it is said to be mutually beneficial.

    What is affiliate marketing?

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