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About Us

My name is M.A Bhat and I am a Google Certified Digital Marketer having fairly good knowledge and experience of online marketing and its strategies. My team includes professionals on all marketing strategies performing appreciable tasks and delivering promising results.

DigitalBhat is a blog or an online journal on Digital Marketing covering blog posts from scratch including detailed posts on chapters like domains, website, hosting, content marketing, email marketing, Google ads, social media marketing, search engine marketing, Google Adsense, Video marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

We all together, help newbies to understand the marketing subject from practical point of view sharing exactly what works online without taking a single dime from anyone. We share our experience of about one decade, elucidating complex marketing concepts in much simpler language.

Even a non technical person can understand what we say in our posts and can gather sufficient technical knowledge (worth gold) to build a career in Digital Marketing, if he/she takes the subject seriously and puts knowledge into action, whatsoever he/she learns new. I extend my personal guarantee in this behalf. Now it is up to you, how to go through our posts and how to reap huge benefits out of them.

We do not recommend buying any online digital marketing course. Instead, reading the quality posts and doing the practicals may do miracles for you. Everything is available on internet for free.

All you have to do is to read the quality blog posts and implement what you learn so that you see the results yourself which ultimately  boosts your confidence.  Ours has always been an endeavor to put everything at one place, so this blog for you to give you the maximum benefits.

We wish you all the best and hope see you soon a very successful digital marketing expert in the area of your marketing strategy.

Please don’t forget to leave a comment about this digital platform so that we can improve our services. You may also share your success story with us which would be an inspiration for budding marketers. It would be a pleasure to hear you.

Good luck, now and always.